Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Happy birthday greetings from younger sister to her elder brother

Happy  birthday  greetings   from younger sister  to her elder  brother

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(I  was  the eldest  son  of a  lower middle class  family. The  greatest   relations in the earth  to me are  my younger   sister  and younger  brother. With tears  I read the tamil original , because  I thought  ,my sister  would   write only like that only  She may be  almost as old as me  but to her I am father, mother and God)

Only in places    where  there  is great affection ,
There  would be simple  teasing ,  fight as well as anger

The affection   between a   brother  and sister,
Is one   such and it  is difficult to describe  it in words.

Path may   change , Partners  may change,
But the affection   between them  will never change,

Though   eyes are   two  , the   sight  is only one,
Though anger  and affection are two, Only  affection comes  out

You   were  my another  mother  , who lifted me up,
When I Fell down, You are  my brother  and first friend,

Happy birthday  brother, you should   grow like Kalpaka  tree,
And I will be always with you, under your shade  , my brother

Differences  in marching  time   is not there between them,
For the greatest   relation  in this   world is this relation..

Our quarrel  is our affection and it is  the miracle  ,
That helps  our love to grow   deep and forever

It is like   the water   that falls  on the raging fire.
And  it  is  the blanket  which   prevents  cold

Let spring  blow, let   light  sparkle  ,
Let every day  be  always  be your day

Let the seconds  and minutes become  your step stones,
Let Joy always  ebb in your life, Let   our affection  forever increase

Greetings  for your birthday, from your darling sister

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