Friday, November 2, 2018

Sage in search of herb and his wife

Sage  in search of herb   and his wife


(Got from Whatsapp .Please  follow the very important moral)

One saint  took his old wife  deep in the forest  .
All the time   he was   searching    for something,
And never  , ever  told what  it is   to her  ,
And she spent  all her   time   cooking   for him,

One day  the saint returned   to eat  and ,
Near the  cooking pot   was standing  a  young beauty,
And he asked   her hesitatingly , “Who are you?”
And she  replied  “Ofcourse   your wife”

Then she told ,::”since  I did not bring a  ladle ,
To stir  the  gruel, I took   some stick and stirred it,
And the gruel became  black   and instead of throwing it,
I drank  it  and  I became   young and pretty like this

The saint shouted “Oh my God , I was searching  for it only,
As I wanted   to become young “ but  his young pretty wife replied,
“You never told me  , to prepare  more  gruel  for you , I used  it as firewood.”
Sage wept saying.”Do not do  anything without knowledge of wife”

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