Thursday, November 8, 2018

We have only today with us and not tomorrow

We have   only today   with us and   not tomorrow


(Based  on a whatsapp   story.Thanks  to he  who   thought about it .May God bless  each one of us  and help us  to lead  a life of joy, today as well as tomorrow)

One  orf the richest mill magnets  of India,
Gave his son one thousand crore  worth sares,
And to day  he   is   struggling   to live,
And is fighting  case  with his son with tears

A lady   who was   billionaire   died  in her flat,
In Mumbai  , but her  son    discovered  it 
One year  later  because   he never   had  ,
Any contact  with his mother  in normal course

A very senior level government  officer  ,
Committed   suicide   like many others like him,
Because He   could   cope  up with the stress,
Caused by expectations  of his family as   well as  outsiders.

One with   greatest   wizard    of moter racing  ,
Wjo earned    several   shields    as well  as,
Billions  of dollars as  prize money is fighting  ,
To stay alive  with almost all his money spent in hospitals

All these  indicate  that  nothing  is permanent in earth,
Saving money    should not become   a race  of life ,
For what   will happen  ,  He   alone  knows ,
And so lead a  happy contented  , blessed  life as long as you can

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