Saturday, November 10, 2018

The sastha who sits below a jack fruit tree –Palavadi Sastha

The sastha   who sits below  a jack fruit tree –Palavadi  Sastha
(on whom three leaves of the tree shed  after pooja)

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(Only micro info is available about this temple on line)

   This temple is near  Amba Samudram  of Thirunelvelii, which is 37 km from TEnkasi   and 47 km from  Thirunelve;li town .The God Sastha  with his consorts  , poorna  and Pushkala, in the form of three SWayambu Lingas is sitting under a  Jack fruit tree(Pala maram in Tamil, PLavu in Malayalam)   here.There  is no temple building

    His Vahana  , the elephant  is found in front of him 
The speciality  of the temple is that  , if the God is satisfied  with the special pooja   given to him, three  leaves  of  the  Jack fruit tree , falls and get  placed on the   three  lingas
    There are  several huge forms of Parivara  Devathais  in this temple

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