Thursday, November 1, 2018

Cell netizen-=ahoy

Man  has started  going alone- Likely to suffer

(Hey I read it in Tamil Whatsapp  net only  .Thanks to another netizen)


No need of parents   top wake us up- There is- Alarm app
No need of mother to cook                  -There is –Zomato , swiggy etc etc  app
No need of bus to travel                       -There is- Ola, Uber app
No need to ask  for directions              -There  is –Google  Map  app
No need    of provision   shop               -There is – Big Basket, Amazon app
No need  to visit cloth   shop                 -There  is  - Amazon, Flipcart  app
No need to go to pharmacy                   -There is- Medplus app
No need  to carry money  with us         -There  is- PayTm, Bhim    app
No need   to have experts  to get info   -There is-  Google app
No need   to meet a friend to talk          -There is-  Whatsapp, face book   apps

               All  these help us  to live alone without meeting any one

                     WE think it is as clear   as a gooseberry in the palm,
         But  we have been caught   in the net , from where we cannot escape
                          Oh God help us  to get out of this cell net
                                         And  be no more  cell slaves
                               Help us to knit a net with relations and friends
                                                             Oh God please

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