Friday, November 2, 2018

Me and my God

Me and my God


(idea borrowed from Whatsapp  .THankyou, Anon)

I was a lady and    my  God  was sitting  on the  top of a  mountain,
People  advised me  not to go there   empty handed,
And I took   some thing simple  like Kuchela’s   beaten rice,
Since  the mountain was  too high, I felt  I may not be able to climb.

There were  several ways    to reach   the top  ,
Peaceful way  , By meditation, By   Yajna  ,
BY rituals , By Yoga  By worship and numerous  others,
For every way there was  a guide   standing.

Each of them promised  that  their way is the best ,
And then they  told me   , they  would  climb   to the top,
Instead  of me  , if I pay   sufficient   fees  to them
And  there were  many who told  , I am not  permitted to climb there.

I was   wondering what   to  do and was   about  to return,
One  poor hungry  woman asked me , “please   madam,”
And i gave the offering  meant   to god to her
And she  blessed  me  and  then only  I looked  at her

She  was  the  god and asked her ” Oh God what are  doing here?”
Then that  God said  , I stay here  only”   and then I asked  him,
“What about  there? “ and showed  him the top  of the mountain,
He said  “I am there too, those   who cannot  see me here , come there.”

Then I told “Oh God , I saw  a lady here  and how  can that be you?”
He said “I do not have  any specific form or sex . All forms are mine.”
Then I asked  him , “Oh God   does it mean  ,I need not  climb the mountain,
He said , “Did I not tell you  , I am there  too, if you  wish  you can  come there too”

I blinked   and   God continued, “If  you  are ,
Living only for yourself , You have  to climb up there to see me,
But if you are  living  for all beings on earth , you,
Would be able to see  me  everywhere.”

God smiled  and  I told   him with a sob,
“Now  I see you , wherever   I see “

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