Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Shuklambaradaram Manthra-What does it mean

Shuklambaradaram Manthra-What does it meaN


Before   we start  any ritual   we recite the  prayer:-

Shuklambaradaram  Vishnum  Sasi Varnam  Chathurbujam,
Prasanna  Vadanam Dhyayeth , sarva Vigna upasanthaye.

The smarthas   consider it as  prayer   addressed to Lord Ganesa  , the remover of obstacles
And translate it thus:-

I meditate  on the cheerful faced  god   who  is the remover  of all obstacles,
Who is clad in white silk, who is peaceful, who is moon coloured  and has four hands.

(Lord Ganesha also wears  yellow silk    and is supposed to have  five hands- his tusk is considered as one hand . He is supposed to be red coloured)

The Vaishnavites  consider   that it is a prayer   addressed   to Lord Vishnu  and  translate it as follows:-

I meditate  on  Lord Vishnu wearing silk  white cloths, who is  of colour of moon,
Who has four hands  and has pleasant face   and pray to him  to remove all obstacles on my way.

(Please note  Lord Vishnu wears   yellow silk (Peetambaram)  )

Maha Periyava   gave a humorous explanation  to this (https://rajathathablog.blogspot.com/2017/02/shuklambaradaram-humorous-explanation.html)

White (milk) and black (decoction) mixed
Will become   coffee of the colour of moon,
And when Wife holding the cup in 2 hands
Hands it over to husband  , who receives it  with two hands(4 hands)
Imaging   this scene, your  face  become pleased,
And  once you take it, all problems would get solved.

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