Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The book on daughters

The book on daughters         

                            Dedicated to my friends who  are  as lucky as me    to have  a daughter

Translated  in to English ,

    (Here is a pretty collection of poems   about daughters written in Tamil, posted in face book  by my friend   Chandrasekaran Vembu.  I am giving   the tamil text below   my translation. Having had a  darling daughter , these poems touched the raw wound in my heard , when she left me after marriage)

1.As soon as she was born,When my daughter
They gave    the  light  red coloured  angel,
Wrapped in a white  cloth,
My heart  was like  her  two eyes,
Moving within her   eye lids.

2.When  my daughter   was  drawing  Rangoli,
Some Gods were  waiting with hope  till it ends,
So that  they could live on that  Rangoli  forever

3.The mind  which never gets  ever satisfied,
When scoops of food is offered,
Gets satisfied when my daughter  gives a pinch  of food.

4.When my daughter was serving   rice for me ,
The plate  contained   little rice ,
But it was full of   ebbing  joy.

5.Every night  I used  to watch   the face,
Of   my sleeping  daughter,
Except for this  I do not do any meditation

6.She put   a thilak  and went away
I used to move my eye brows,
To make  it in their middle

7.AS soon as my daughter was born ,
I used to hold and caress  her little finger,
Possibly  remembering that ,
Wherever   we go, she holds my little finger.

8,My home gets filled  up,
Due to the feet  of my daughter

9.The wet kiss that my  daughter gave ,
Makes  my memories  wet

10.Though all the drinking water in the jug,
Got spilled out  when my daughter  brought it  ,
All my thirst   was quenched,

11.She always used  to lie down on my chest,
And gave me a pillow to use ,
When she   is not there,
I am gasping for breath.

12.When I cry,
My daughter  with her little hands,
Removes  the   tear pond  of mine,
And completely dries it away

13,When my daughter got angry ,
I  begged for her pardon kneeling down,
And as she is  not god,
She immediately  pardoned  me

14,When my daughter   draws birds,
If they fly away  immediately ,
When she would   be able to  complete the picture

15,When my daughter   gets angry,
I sit   very near her,
When she raises  her head for reconciliation,
If I am not there  ,
The poor one’s face will fade.

16.My daughter who was   counting the  stars slept,
But in spite of my telling    again and again,
Those stars were   waiting till morn.

17.My daughter   is adamantly saying,
That I have to rescue the moon   from the flower pot,
Where  by mistake  it has fallen down,
And  now when I have  fallen down  in to her affection,
Only the   moon can save.

18,While  my daughter  was naming the stars,
Four stars were   sufficient for her,

Father, mother , brother  and herself

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