Friday, September 30, 2016

Woman –the greatest gift got by man from God

Woman –the greatest  gift  got by man from God

Rewritten  with minimum changes  from a  Facebook post of Meena  Krishnan entitled “Woman”- If you like  it the credit   goes to Smt.Meena  Krishnan


She  changes  her name  for you,
She uproots  in to your home to be with you
She  comes  away from her family, leaving all  that is dear to her,
She becomes  pregnant  with you child,
She gives up her beauty and becomes fat,
She undergoes  unbearable  pain  to bear your child ,
She works like a  slave   to look after  you  and nurse those kids,
She toils  like a servant   to do family chores since you are busy,
She looks   after  your dad  , your Mummy  just like their  daughter,
She    learns  the lessons of your kids    to  coach them ,
But   have  you any time told   that  she works  hard,
Have you any time  appreciated  her toils of love,
Have   you ever  told her that she manages  the house well.
Have you   ever   understood  that  she is God’s  priceless  gift to you,
           Wonderful  mother  and wife she is ,
         Outstanding worker , servant     and friend she   is  .
        Most efficient   daughter  to her  and your parents   she is,
        Adorable  manager   of family   affairs   she is  ,
        Nicest gift  to you , your kids   and to the   world she  is.

Please  , please   do not  consider  her as an utterly   useless  thing ,
Please   do not consider   her  as the machine  giving love to you ,
Please do not consider  as  a switched on Robot   doing work  for   all of you
Please  love her , respect her, appreciate  her, help her and be a part of her.

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