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Nandriyil chelvam-101st chapter Of Thirukural- (Thankless wealth)

Nandriyil chelvam-101st chapter  Of Thirukural-
(Thankless   wealth)

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(This chapter  is about  the wealth that has not been used properly. According to Thiuvalluvar it is  perfect  lady   becoming a hag without getting married.)

1.Vaithan vaaichandra  perumporul  akthunnaan ,
Chettan  cheyakidanthathu  yil.

1,If  a person dies  without   enjoying the  great wealth  
He has at home, that wealth  would not be  able  to help him.

2,Porulaanaam yellamendru   yeeyathu   ivarum,
MaruLaanaam  maaNAA pirappu .

2.A person  who feels that  wealth is everything  and,
Does not give anything to others, would later get a  low birth.

3.Yeettm  ivari  isai vendaa aadavar,
Thoththam  nilakku  porai.

3,Those who desires to save    wealth and due to that,
Does not  want any fame  by giving  it  to others,
Would   remain as a burden to the earth.

4,Yechamendru  yen  yeNNUm  kollo oruvaraal,
Nacha  padaathavan.

4.What does a person   who never helps others ,
Think  about as to   what would   remain after  his death?

5.KOduppathoom  thuippathoom  illarkku  adukkiya  ,
Kodi yundayinum  yil.

5,The wealth of those   who do not give it  nor enjoy it,
Even though it is in crores is equal to nothing.

6.Yetham peruchelvam  thaanthuvvan thakkarkondru,
Yeethal   iyalpilaathaan.

6,He who   does not enjoy his great wealth  nor give it,
To others is a disease  to that wealth.

7,Aththaar kondru  aaththaathaan  chelvam mika nalam,
Peththaal  thamiyal moothaththu.

7.The wealth of a person who does not give even a little is like,
The life of a  faultless  lady becoming old  without marrying.

8.Nacha padaathavan  chelvam  naduvooruL,
Nachu  maram  pazhuthaththu.

8.If there is wealth  with a miser  who is not  like others,
It is similar  to  poison  tree with fruits  in middle of the  street.

9.Anboree tharcheththu aram nokkathu  yeettiya,
ONporul  kolvaar  pirar.

9.The wealth  earned by  losing affection ,by suffering oneself  ,
And without  thought of doing dharma, would be taken away by  others.

10.Cheerudai   chelvar   chiru thuli  maari  ,
Varam koornthanayathu   udaithu.

10.If  wealthy people  who are   great become poor   for sometime  ,

It would be similar to  the sorrow caused by  cloud  refusing to rain ,

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