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Varaivin makalir-92nd chapter of Thirukural- (Common women )

Varaivin  makalir-92nd  chapter  of  Thirukural-
(Common women )

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(This chapter   about  courtesans/harlots /common women .)

1.Anbin vizhayaar  porul vizhayum  aaithodiyaar ,
In sol  izhukku   tharum.

1.The sweet words  of common women who do not have love
 But  only want person’s wealth, would cause  only trouble to him.

2.Payan thooki  panpu uraikkum   panpil  makalir  ,
Nayan thooki   nalla   vidal.

2.Those uncultured women  who   talk sweet words   based only ,
On the compensation   she   gets ,should  not be desired  after  proper  judgment.

3.Porut  pendir  poimmai muyakkam  iruttarayil,
Yethil  pinam thazhee  yathu,

3.The  pleasure that you get of women   who only  like riches,
But not the one gives them , is like the pleasure  ,
Thar a person  he gets by hugging a corpse  in a  dark  room.

4,Porut porulaar  punnalam  thoyaar   arutporul ,
Aayum arivilar.

4.Wise People who are bothered about  wealth of Dharma  would not enjoy
The  silly pleasure from  those ladies who are  only bothered   by  the  wealth.

5.Pothu nallathaar  punnalam thoyaar  mathi  nalathin,
Manda   arivinavar .

5,Those learned people who are  naturally  wise   would   not enjoy,
The silly pleasure given by common women.

6.Thannalam parippar  thoyaar  nakai cherukki  ,
Punnalam  parippar   thol.

6.Those  wise men who protect   their character   would not hug  the body,
Of those  ladies  who sell themselves  using dance , song   and beauty.

7.Nirai nenjam  illavar  thoivar  , pira nenjil,
Peni  punarpavar   thol.

7.Those who are  not able to control  their minds would only hug,
A  common woman  who has desire in everything except love.

8.AAyum  arivinar  allarkku  aNangenpa  ,
Maya  makalir  muyakku.
8,Those thinking wise people   would  consider  joining  with ,
Common women   who are cheaters as illusory  faint.

9,Varaivilaa  maaNizhayaar   men thol  purai ilaa  ,
Pooriyarkal  aazhum   aLaru.

10.Irumana  pendirum   kallum kavarum,
THiru neekka  pattaar thodarpu.

10. Only those who are   by Goddess of prosperity ,
Would have connection with two minded women, toddy and  gambling.

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