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Perumai-98th chapter of Thirukural- (greatness)

Perumai-98th chapter  of Thirukural-

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(THiruvalluvar   analyses in this chapter   “Greatness of person ”   and tries   to   define it. So true  and  so natural)

1.Oli oruvarkku  ulla verukkai   ini oruvarkku,
Akthu iranthu  vaazhthum yil.

1.Greatness  of a person is due  to  great  enthusiasm ,
And inferior nature  of a person  is  due to,
The feeling   that they can live   without enthusiasm.

2.Pirapokkum yella uyirkkum  , chirappovva  ,
Chei thozhil  vettumai yaan.

2.Though  by birth everyone is equal ,
The nature  of the job he does , gives rise to differences.

3.Melirundhum mel allar , keezhirundum  ,
Keezhallaar   keezh allavar.

3.Though in great  place , a person not  having great qualities is not great,
And though a person is in a low position  who does not  have ,
Low type of qualities   is  really not a low person.

4.Orumai makalire poala perumayum  ,
THannaithaan  kondozhukin  undu.

4.If a person  is like a  women of great virtue,
Is stable   in his  good  character,
And is able to protect his character  he is great.

5,Perumai udayavar aathuvar  aathin,
Arumai udaya  cheyal.

5.Great people  engage themselves  in doing acts,
Which are rare and complete  them.

6.Chiriyaar  unarchiyul   illi  periyaarai ,
Peni kolvomennum nokku.

6,The lower people   do not understand   how,
Praise  the great ones and do not try to do their type of deeds.

7.Irappe purintha thozhiththaam  chirappum  thaan,
CHeerallavar  kan padin.

7.If  the  greatness of life   are  h got by a people of low nature,
It would increase their pride and it would not fit them.

8.Paniyumaam yendrum  perumai  , chirumai,
Aniyumaam  thannai viyanthu.

8,Greatless  would always   be along with humility,
And lower nature  would make them  praise  themselves.

9.Perumai  perumitham  inmai  , chirumi,
Perumitham oornthu  vidal.

9.Greatness is  due to absence of pride and ,
Lower  nature  makes them proud   for no reason.

10.Aththam maraikkum perumai  chirumai thaan,
Kuththame  koori vidum.

10.Great people would  hide  fault  of  others but the low ones,
Would hide the good qualities  of others and only  say their faults.

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