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Nanudamai-102nd Chapter of Thirukural- (Possesing sense of shame )

Nanudamai-102nd Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Possesing sense of shame )

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(Valluvar feels that   we should feel ashamed if we do an evil act  , for  otherwise  there is no difference between us   and  the animals.)

1.Karumathaal  naNuthal  naNuthirunuthal,
Nallavar  naNaupira.

1.Becoming ashamed  due  to undesirable action is Shame,
Others are  like  the natural feeling of shyness of  ladies with pretty forehead.

2.OONudai  yecham  uyirkkellam   veralla,
NaNUdamai  maanthar  chirappu,

2.Food and dress are  common to all beings,
But sense of shame  is special to human beings.

3.Oonai  kuritha uyirellam NaaN  yennum,
Nankai kurithu chalpu.

3.All souls live in  their bodies made of flesh ,
And sense of shame lives   in greatness.
4.ANiyandro NaNudamai  chandrorkku, akthindrel,
Piniyandro peedu nadai.

4.Sense of shame  is an ornament  to learned people,
And forgetting  it  and walking proudly is a  disease  .

5.Pirar pazhiyum  naanuvaar  , nanukku  ,
Uraipathi   yenum ulagu.

5.Those who get ashamed of bad name to them   as well as to others,
Are called  as residence  of the  sense  of shame.

6.Nanveli kollathu  manno  viyan jnanam,
Penalar  melaayavar.

6.Great people   would consider sense of shame as   a fence,
And would like to live in this  wide world   without it.

7.Naanaal  uyirai thurappar  , uyir poruttaal,
Naan thuravar  naaNaalpavar.

7.Those who live   with a sense of shame  would prefer ,
To  sacrifice their soul and would not leave shame  for  soul.

8,Pirar naana  thakkathu  thaan naanaan  aayin,
Aram naana  thakkathu   udaithu.

8.If a person  without shame does an act  which would make ,
Others ashamed, then Dharma  would be ashamed to live with him and leave,

9.kulam kedum kolgai  pizhaippin  nalam  chudum,
Naaninmai  nindara kadai.

9.If you leave away principles  your family would  get a bad name,
But  if shamelessness  lives with him, he would lose  everything that is good.

10.Naan akathillar   iyakkam  marappavai,
Nanaal   uyir maruttiyathu.

10 The life of those  who do not have  sense of shame with them ,
Is like the life of a wooden doll being pulled   by a rope

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