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Kudicheyal vakai-103rd chapter of Thirukural- (Ability to enhance prestige of our family)

Kudicheyal  vakai-103rd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Ability to enhance  prestige of our family)

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(No family grows up   unless  some one works for it and sacrifices   everything. Thiruvalluvar calls such a person as  store house  of all sorrows. I wish that  this great chapter   should be  read by all  the  young  Indians.)

1.Karumam oruvan kaithooven  yennum,
Perumayil  peedudayathu yil.

1.There is no greater feeling  for a person  than claiming ,
I would never  get tired till  I complete  the job.

2.Avvinayum aandra arivum  yena irandin,
Neel  vinayaan  neelum  kudi.

2 Effort  and wisdom along  combined  with  acts  ,
Without break   would raise the status  of his family.

3.Kudicheival  yennum oruvarkku deivam,
Madithaththu  thaan mun thurum.

3.To a person  who after telling “ I will elevate  the status of my family”.
And puts effort to do it  ,God would tighten his cloth   and provide help.

4.Choozhaamal  thaane  mudiveithum   than  kudiyai,
Thaazhathu   uluththu pavarkku.

4.Those  who put effort  to speedily   raise the status  of their family  ,
That  aim would  be realized  even they  think about it.

5.Kuththam yilanai  kudi cheithu   vaazhvaanai,
Chuthumaa chuththum ulagu.

5.The  faultless person   who tries  to increase the status of his family,
Would be helped   by all people   as if he is their relative.

6.Nallanmai  yenpathu  oruvarkku  thaan pirantha  ,
Illanmai aakki  kolal.

6.Good masculinity   is that  virtue that makes  him ,
Administer  his  family  in a  proper  manner.

7.Amrakathu  vankannar  pola thamarakaththum,
AAththuvar  methe  porai  .

7.Just like a fearless  person is entrusted to lead army in battle field,
The  bearing  of the heavy  load  of  the family  would be entrusted  to responsible people only.

8.Kudi cheivaarkku  yillai  paruvam  madi cheithu  ,
Maanam  karutha  kedum.

8.There is no proper time to attempt to raise  the status  of the family,
And the  entire family would perish due to lazy and proud  person.

9.Idumbaikke  kolkalam  kollo kudumbathai  ,
Kutham maraippan udambu.

9.IAlas,  the body of one who  stops all  the  faults  that come to his family,
And bear the sorrows due to that  act   is  the store house  of all sorrows.

10.Idukkan kaal  kondrida veezhum  aduthoondrum  ,
Nalllal  ilatha   kudi.

10.When sufferings   try to  overturn  the tree  of the family,
Unless  a responsible person   does  not allow  it to fall by holding it  ,
Then that  family   would fall   and get destroyed.

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Seethalakshmi Iyer said...

Respected Mama,

I used to visit your pages...seldom could manage to reply my views...job,preoccupation, many reasons..Born in Simha rasi, 4th child to a Karachi refugee ,my parents endowed me with the rich treasure of being a Palghat iyer..determination and will to excel come whatever obstacles...The BG III chapter was my beacon of Hope..even though Thirukural is known to me, seldom indulged in discovering when I grew up ..

And, when I had to live alone,I decided to discover, travel,and dig deep into Thriukural,Thriupavai, Narayaneeyamm. I am ridiculed for my new search...but I love this ..

And on reading this 103rd chapter...I thank you for making me to realize this that life is worth striving if it can do good to the was my siblings, then my children now my vasudevakudumbakam.....Namaskarams,