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Kudimai -96th Chapter of Thirukural- ( Good Heritage)

Kudimai -96th  Chapter  of Thirukural-
( Good Heritage)

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(What  does well born or good heritage  indicate? THiruvalluvar  tells   the answer to this question  in this chapter.Please read it, it  should definitely elevate   you.)

1.Irpiranthaar  kannallathu   illai   iyalpaka ,
Cheppavum  naNUm  orungu.

1.Those  who are born in a good family would have  both  ,
Natural  absence of bias   and  shame to do wrong things .

2.Ozhukkamum vaimayum  naanum  immondrum  ,
Yizhukkar kudi piranthaar.

2.Those  born in high families would never fail from ,
Good character, truth    and sense of shame.

3.Nagai yeegai   yinchol  ikazhaamai   naankum,
Vakai yenba  vaimai kudikku.

3,Smile  , charity , sweet  words, and not taking ,
Ill of others are the four properties of  good  heritage , say  good people .

4.Adukkiya kodi perineum kudi piranthaar ,
Kundruva  cheithal   yilar.

4.Even if they have several   crores of wealth , person with good heritage.
Would not engage themselves  in demeaning acts.

5.Vazhanguvathul   veezhntha  kannum  , pazhamkudi,
Panbin  thalaipirithal  indru.

5.Those people  who  are not in a position to great charity  as before,
Due  to slipping  in poverty, would never slip from their nature.

6.CHalam paththi  chalpila  cheyyarmaa chaththa ,
KUlam pathi  vazhthum  yenbar.

6.Those who are  living   with culture  of good heritage ,
Would not engage  in base acts due to anger  or with intention to cheat.

7.Kudipiranthaar  kan vilangum   kutham  visumbin,
Mathikan  maruppol   uyarnthu.

7.The  drawbacks of  people   with good heritage , would be visible ,
To all like   the stain  in the  moon, high in the sky.

8.Nalathin kan  naarimai  thondrin avanai,
Kulathin kan  iyya padum.

8.If a person develops dislike   to good character,
We would  be forced to start   doubting  about  his heritage.

9.Niathil kidanthamai  kaalakaatum  kaatum,
Kulathil  piranthaar vai chol.

9.The sprouts  in a land   would   indicate nature of the land,
And the words   from the mouth  of a person would indicate his heritage.

10.Nalam vendin  naaNudami  vendum  , Kulam vendin  ,
Vendum  yaarkkum panivu.

10.A person who aims at  comforts   should  have sense of shame ,
But a person desiring good heritage   should have humility.

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