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Pen vazhi cheral-91st chapter of Thirukural - (Going the way of ladies.)

Pen  vazhi  cheral-91st  chapter of Thirukural  -
(Going the way  of ladies.)

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( THiruvalluvar  tells that  obeying ladies  is not very desirable  for a male. This he tells  strongly  .This is not in tune   with  modern thought .WE think  that both should obey each other  and  have a peaceful and nice life.)

1.Manaikizhavaar  maaNpayan   yeithar   vinai vizhaivaar ,
Vendaa porulum athu.

1.Those  who love their wife and because of  that obey her,
Would not get Dharmic results and  is an action ,
That has to be avoided  by those  who want to  complete  their duty.

2,PeaNaathu pennizhaivan aakkam  periyathor,
NaNaaka naNum tharum.

2.The person who does not improve  his wealth  but only  obeys the  lady,
Would give them  shame  seeing  which the world would be ashamed.

3.Yillal kan thaazhntha iyalpinmai   yanjandrum  ,
Nallarul  naanu tharum.

3.Being  always  be completely be subservient   to the  wife ,
Would make him ashamed , when he   goes before   good people.

4.Manayalai anjum  marumayilaaLan,
Vinayanmai veereithal indru.

4,A person who is scared of his wife and does not bother about salvation,
Would not be able to get   fame in the way   he works.

5.Yillalai anjuvaan   anjumathu  uenjandrum,
Nallarkku nalla    cheyal.

5.A person who is scared of his wife, would be  scared,
To good   to the  good people.

6.Imayarin vaazhinum  padilare illal,
AmayarthoL anjupavar.

6,A person who is scared of his wife  with a bamboo like   shoulders,
Even if he lives like devas, would not have any greatness.

7.Pen eval cheithozhukum   aanmayin  nanudai,
Penne   perumai   udaithu .

7.A lady    with a normal trait of shyness  is greater  than,
A man  who shamelessly   obeys   his wife.

8.Nattaar  kurai mudiyaar  nandraaththaar   nannuthalaal  ,
Pottangu  ozhugupavar.

8.Those who obey    their wife with crescent like  forehead,
Would not help their friends by removing their  problems.

9.Ara vinayum   aandra porulum   piravinayum,
Penneval cheivar kaN yil.

9.tHose  who do acts as per their orders of their wife  ,
Do not have Dhama, the wealth to follow it   and  their other  duties

10.Yen cherntha nenja thidanudayaarkku  yenjandrum,
Pen chernthaam   pethaimai   yil.

10.Those  who have habit of thinking and have the  needed status,
Would not  have the ignorance   of acting as per wishes of  his wife.

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