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Marundhu-95th chapter of Thirukural- (Medicines)

Marundhu-95th chapter of Thirukural-

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(Here is remarkable exposition of the knowledge  of  sickness and its treatment  . After reading it, all of will wonder  , why  we do not follow its  advices.)

1.Miginum, kurayinum , noi cheyyum noolor,
VaLi muthalaa  yenniya  moondru.

1.Increased or decreased in take would lead  to diseases.
Caused by imbance of the three viz  Vatha, Pitha   and Kapha.

2.Marunthu yena veNDavaam  yaakkaikku  , arunthiyathu,
Atthathu   poththi unin.

2.If a person after knowing digestion  of food taken earlier,
Takes food, then there  may not be   any need for  medicines.

3,Aththaal aLavu  arinthu  unka , akthu  udambu,
Peththaan  nedithuikkum  aaru.

3.After  understanding  the measure of  digestion  , if one takes food,
And that is way to be followed  by a person with body, to preserve it for long.

4.Aththathu arinthu  kadai pidithu  maaralla,
Thuikka   thuvara  pasithu.

4.After understanding  the digestion , people should  take food,
Which does not cause  harm  to  him , when he is greatly hungry.

5.Marupadu illatha undi maruthu unnin,
OOrupadu  illai  uyirkku.

5.If   limited food   which are  not harmful is taken,
The person  will not undergo  the suffering  of sickness.

6,Yizhivarinthu  unban kaN inbam poal nirkkum,
Kazhiper irayaan kan noi.

6.Like health   staying with  people who  eat slightly less than need,
Sickness  would stay forever  with peope who eat food more than necessary.

7.THeeyalavu  andri theriyaan  perithu unnin,
Noi alavu   indri padum.

7, Those  who  due to ignorance, eat too much  not caring ,
 For the need of the stomach, he would suffer   very many diseases.

8,Noi naadi  noi mudhal  naadi   athu thanikkum  ,
Vai naadi  vaippa cheyal.

8.After understanding symptoms of the sickness ,after understanding its cause,
And after understanding  the method of curing it, a learned  doctor should treat.

9.Uththaan  alavum  , pini alavum  , kalamum,
Kaththaan  karuthi cheyal.

9.A learned doctor  should understand the age  of the patient, the severity ,
Of the disease and the time when sickness  occurred   and   treat  the patient.

10.Uththavan theerppan  marunthuzhai  chelvaan   yendru,
Appal   naal  kooththee marunthu.

10.Treatment    is the study of  the four   divisions  of   the patient  , of the doctor  ,
Suitable medicine    and time   and dose of medicine 

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