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Periyaarai pizhayamai-90th chapter of Thirukural- (Not finding fault with great people)

Periyaarai pizhayamai-90th chapter  of  Thirukural-
(Not finding fault with great people)

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(In this chapter  Valluvar advises that enmity   with great and learned  people  be avoided.)

1.AAththuvaar  aaththal ikazhamai  poththvaar ,
Poththalul yellam thalai.

1.Not finding  fault  with great ones  who can  do a job,
It greatest  good quality of a  person.

2,Periyaarai penaa thozhukin  ,periyaaraal  ,
Peraa idumbai   tharum.

2,If  one does not respect and follow   great people,
He would have  to bear unending   sorrow  because  of them.

3.Kedal vendin  kelaathu   cheika adal  vendin,
AAththupavar kan  izhukku.

3.If one wants to get destroyed , let him do  jobs without  consulting great people,
And suppose  one wants to get killed, let him create problem for   strong people.

4.Koothathathai kayyal vilithaththal  , aathuvaarkku,
AAththaathaar  inna  cheyal.

4.If a person without strength   cause harm to one with strength ,
It is like   calling the god of death  to  himself.

5.Yaandu chendru yaandum   uLaraakaar venthuppin,
Venthu cherappattavar.

5.Those  who  make   a powerful king angry, Cannot  ,
Keep  their life safe  anywhere else  from that  king.

6.Yeriyaal chuda padinum  uyvundaam  ,,uyyar  ,
Periyor pizhathozhugupavar  .

6.Even if we are burnt by fire   there is a chance to live  but
Those who harm great people   do not have any hope.

7.Vagai manda vaazhkkayum  vaanporulum   yennam,
THakai maanda   thakkar cherin.

7.If   great learned people   get angry against  a person,
What is the  use of having great wealth   and great life.

8.Kundraanar  kundra mathippin  kudiyodu,
Nindarnnar  maivar  nilathu.

8.If a  great  person  who is like a mountain  is  estimated badly  ,
Even those  who are well established would get destroyed  with their   family.

9.Yenthiya   kolkayaar   cheerin  idai murithu  ,
Vendhanum vendhu kedum.

10.Iranthamaintha   charpudayar   aayinum  uyyaar  <
Chiranthamanitha  cheeraar   cheRin.

10.If  one makes    a very learned   person angry with him,
Even those  with great help   would not be able   to escape.

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