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Panpudamai-100th chapter of Thirukural- (possessing culture)

Panpudamai-100th chapter  of Thirukural-
(possessing culture)

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(Being cultured is desirable .Valluvar says “The great  wealth got by a  person without  culture,
would get spoilt  like  good milk kept in a bad vessel.”)

1.Yenpadathaal  yeithal  yelithenpa yaarmaattum,
Pabpudamami   yennum vazhakku.

1,If people are   able to approach you easily  ,
You can  easily attain the way to be cultured.

2.Anbudamai  aandra kudipirathal   ivvirandum,
Panpudamai   yenum vazhakku.

2.Haviing  love   and being  born in a good family,
Are the proper steps   to become   cultured.

3.Urupothal  makkaloppu   andraal  veruthakka,
Panpothal  oppathaam oppu.
3,.You cannot become similar   to others by matching  of  body  parets,
Only you can match them  if your activities are  similarly cultured.

4,Nayanodu  nandri purintha payanudayaar ,
Panpu  parattum ulagu.

4,The culture of those   who live  usefully  ,
With  justice  and good would be appreciated  by the world.

5,Nagayullum  innahu  igazchi , pagayullum,
Panpula   padarivar  maattu.

5.Criticising others even for fun is bad  but those who are,
Cultured would show  good behavior even to their  enemies,

6.Panpudayaar pattundu  ulagam  , athu indrel,
Manpujkku  maivathu man.

6.The world continues   to live due to cultured people,
If they are not there, the world would get buried in mud and get destroyed.

7.Aram polum  koormayarenum  maram poalvar,
Makkal  panpu  illathavar.

7.Those who are  not cultured  m, even if they are sharp,
Like a saw  , can only be compared to wood  , which  does not have intelligence.

8..Nanpaththaraki nayam ila  cheivarkkum,
Panpaththaaraathal  kadai.

8.If we do not do good to those  who are not friendly ,
But inimical  , we would  become uncultured.

9.Nakalvallar  allarkku  maayiru  jnaalam,
Pakalum paal pattu andru irul.

9.To those without culture who cannot get   joy  by mixing,
With the world, even at  day time the world would look dark.

10.Panpu ilaan  peththa  perum chelvm  nanpaal,
Kalam theemayaal   thirinthaththu

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