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Kal unnamai-93rd chapter of Thirukural- (Not drinking alcoholic drinks)

Kal  unnamai-93rd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Not drinking  alcoholic  drinks)

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( Thousands  of years  back  the great poet has clearly brought  out   the sorry state  of  a drunkard. He says, “The effort  to make a drunkard  understand  the evil of drinking Is like searching  a man who has sunk in water  using a lamp.”)

1.Uthka padaar  oli izhappar   yenjjandrum,
Kal   kaathal  kondu  ozhukuvaar.

1.Those  who like to drink alcohol  would   never   scare ,
Their enemies and also would lose  their  respectability.

2.Unnarkka kallai  , unil unka   chandroraal  ,
Enna  pada  vendaathaar.

2.Do not drink alcohol  but those  who not want,
To v be recognized  by wise people can drink if they want.

3.Eendraal  mukatheyum  innaathaal  yen mathu  ,
Chandror  mukathu   kali.

3.When even the mother would feel sad to see  drunken face of her  son,
Imagine   the   hatred that   well behaved wise  people  would feel.

4.NaNennun  nallaal puram kodukum  kal ennum,
PeNaa   perum kuthathaarkku.

4.The good maid called shyness  would  not see  and go away,
If she sees   a person who dies the great crime of drinking.

5.Kayariyaamai  udaithe  porul koduthu  ,
Meyyariyaamai   kolal.

5.Only ignorance will lead   a man to buy drinks by  exchanging ,
The wealth he has  earned with difficulty and it is his bad fate.

6.Thunjinaar  chethaarin  verallar  yenjaandrum,
Nanjunbaar  Kal unbavar.

6,Like   those   who  sleep are   no different from the dead , those drunkards,
Who have lost their brain   are not different  from those poisoned  people who have swooned.

7.Ulloththi  ulloor  nakapoduvar  yenjandrum,
Kalloththi  kan chaipavar.

7.Those  who have lost their   brain due to drinking  ,
Would be  detected    and forever be laughed  at.

8.Kalithariyen yenpathu   kai viduka , nenjathu  ,
Olithathoom aange   mikum.

8.Aman who drinks in hiding  should leave saying “I have never drunk,
For that crime  would come out of his  mouth  when he is drunk.

9.Kalithaanai  karanam  kattuthal  keezh neer  ,
Kulithanai   theenthhoree yathu.

9,The effort  to make a drunkard  understand  the evil of drinking ,
Is like searching  a man who has sunk in water  using a lamp.

10.Kallunnaa  pozhthil  kalithaanai  kanumkaal,
Ullan  kol undathan   chorvu.

10.Possibly a drunkard   when he is not drunk  , on seeing another drunkard , possibly ,
Would not understand the sorry state  of   his  unconsciousness  ,

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