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Soodhu -94th chapter of Thirukural- (Gambling)

Soodhu-94th chapter  of Thirukural-

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(These golden words of Valluvar about Gambling    are so true that  , it would never get out of date.)

1.Vendarkka vendridinum  choothinai , vendrathoom,
Thoondil pon meen vizhungiyathu.

1.If you are winning   do not desire to gamble as victory,
Is like   the  iron hook  swallowed by the fish.

2.Ondreythi  noorizhakkum   chootharkkum  undangol,
Nandreythi vaazhvathor  aaru.

2.To the gambler losing  hundred things, due to winning ,
Of   one thing, is there  a way to live well.

3.Urulaayam  oovaathu koorin  porulaayam,
Poai purame padum.

3.If a gambler keeps on rotating   the dice by telling the bet,
The income of wealth would desert him and reach others.

4.Chirumai pala cheithu  cheerazhikkum choothin,
Varumai  tharuvathondru yil.

4.There  is nothing else   worse   than gambling ,
In causing sorrow  and in giving  poverty.

5.Kavarum  kazhakamum  kayyum  tharukki  ,
Yivariyaar    yillaki yaar.

5.Those who do not estimate the dice , the casinos and skill ,
In gambling  and leave gambling would loose  everything.

6.Akataraar   allal  uzhappar choothu   yennum,
Mukatiyaan mooda pattaar.

6.Those who   are influences by Gambling which is  Goddess Jyeshta*,
Would   not eat sufficiently and   sorrow greatly.
        *.Goddess  of misfortune , elder sister of Goddess  Lakshmi

7.Pazhakiya chelvamum panpum  kedukkum,
Kazhakathu kaalai  pugin.

7.If one   spends  all time  in casinos , the wealth,
And culture  which he is used to  would get  destroyed.

8.Porul keduthu  poi merkolee  arul keduthu,
Allal   uzhappikkum choothu.

8.Gambling causes loss of wealth , make one a liar  ,
Make him loose his  culture and  make him sad,

9.Udai chelvam   oon  oli   kalvi   yendru iynthum,
Adayaavaam   aayam kolin.

9.A gambler   would loose  five  things   namely , dress,
Wealth , food , fame   and education.

10.Yizhasthoroom  kadalikkum  choothe poal  thunbam ,
Uzhathorum  kadaththuyir.

10.Gambling which makes you  love it more  when you lose ,
Is like the person who loves the body more  when it suffers.

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