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Maanam-97th chapter of Thirukural- (Self-respect)

Maanam-97th chapter  of Thirukural-

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(Indian culture  gives    very great importance   to self respect ,Valluvar says that  A man losing his self respect  does not have even right to live  .Please remember Bhima’s words  in Mahabharatha , “Even by losing life  , I would protect  my  self-respect , for life is temporary but  self  respect  would live as long as sun and moon,)

1.Indri amayaa chirappina aayinum ,
Kundra varupa  vidal.

1.Wven the acts  are  unavoidable , if it,
Brings down your self respect, those should not be done.

2,Cheerinum cheeralla cheyyare cheerodu,
Peraanmai   vendupavar.

2.Those   who desire to have greatness and great respect,
Would not  do evil acts  which may lead to fame   and  wealth.

3.Perukkathu vendum  panithal  chiriya,
Karukkathu vendum  uyarvu.

3.Those with great respect  should behave  with humility  even ,
When they are rich and should  protect ,
Their self respect when wealth   s decrease.

4.Thalayin izhintha mayiranayar  maanthar,
Nilayin   izhitha kadai  .

4.When  a person slips   from high status to low,
He would be neglected like the hair  that has been shaved  from the head.

5.Kumdrin anayaarum  kundruvar , kundruva,
Kundri abaya   cheyin.

5.Even those  who are as great as a mountain , by doing  a little seed measure,
Of  evil acts , would loose  their self respect.

6.Pugazh yindraal  putheLnaatu   uyyathaal  yen mathu,
Yigazhvaar pin chendru  nilai.

6,. The  act  of standing behind those  who berate us , would not give,
Fame in this world    and nor take  us to heavens.

7.Ottar pin  chendroruvan  vaazhthalin   annilaye  ,
Kettan   yenapaduthal nandru.

7.Living  along those  who disrespect us  is worse than ,
Being told “He got destroyed  in  his own state of affairs.”

8.Maruntho maththu oon vombum  vaazhkkai  , perumthakaimai,
Peedazhiya   vandha  idathu.

8.Would keeping  the body only alive by medicine for deathlessness
Better than  living  when our self respect  is destroyed?

9.Mayir neepin vaazhaa kavari maan,  annaar,
Uyir neepar maanam varin.

9.A musk deer would not live when it loses its hair,
And  People similar to it  would not live when they lose  their self-respect.

10.Ilivarin vaazhaatha maanam udayaar  ,
OLithozhuthu   yethum ulagu.

10,Those who do not prefer live when they lose  their self respect,

Would praised  and saluted by the entire world.

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