Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My work on line till 2015 end

Dear Friends,
      I am so happy to inform you   that  I took a stock taking of all the work done by me on line and  found that  more  than Three  and half million  people have visited my blog spots as well   as web sites from the year 2008. I hope you would agree  with me that  it is an achievement since   what  I write is mostly   about  Hindu religion.

1.http://stotrarathna.blogspot.in/  -contains  translation of more than 1800 stotras  written in  Sanskrit, Tamil , Malayalam   and HindiINcludes translation of  Bhagwad Gita, Sri Krishna Karnamrutham, Jnanapana , Devi Mahathmyam  etc - 642372 visitors  so far

2. http://translationsofsomesongsofcarnticmusic.blogspot.in/ -Contains translations of about   2000  carnatic  Krithis   written in Sanskrit, Telugu  , Kannada , Hindi  and Malayalam, contains  the English translation of all known Thyagaraja  Krithis- 468439  visitors  so far

3. http://brahminrituals.blogspot.in/- Contains translation in to English of  SAmkepa Dharma Sastra , Rules of behavior   for Brahmins , manthras  of Sandhyavandana , Tharpana , upakarma for all the  three  Vedas -468357 visitors   so far.

4. http://rajathathablog.blogspot.in/- Thoughts of Raja Thatha    and includes  several write ups including  translation of  Thirukural- 241542 visitors    so far

5. http://villagegods.blogspot.in/ - Description of  119 village Gods  of Tamil Nadu .Sri  Jayaraman has translated   each of them in to Tamil  and put them as comments-1,72383 visitors so far .

6. http://rajathathaskeralatemples.blogspot.in/- Description of  118 temples  in Kerala- 48313  visitors    so far

7. http://vikramadhithya.blogspot.in/ -First English translation on line  of The entire  Vikramadithya   stories-35852 visitors so far

8. http://rajathathas.blogspot.in/- First  english transcription and translation  of   Thunjathu  Ezhuthachan’s  Adhyatma   Ramayana verse by verse.-32829   visitors so far

9. http://narayaneeyamtrans.blogspot.in/- Verse by verse  translation of Meppathur  Bhattathiri’s Narayaneeyam-27890  visitors so far.

10. http://srimadbhajanamrutham.blogspot.in/- Some BHajans of Dakshina  sampradaya  Bhajan-19054  visitors so far

11. http://nuranisasthapreethi.blogspot.in/ -First English transliteration and translation  of the songs sung during  Nurani Sastha  preethi-18723  visitors so far

12. http://englishvalmikiramayanam.blogspot.in/ -Verse by verse   translation  of Valmiki Ramayanam-11986  visitors so far

13. http://englishkambaramayanam.blogspot.in/  -Verse by verse  translation   of   the Kamba Ramayanam from Tamil-11799 visitors so far.

 14. http://kannadasanspirituallyrics.blogspot.in/ -English translation of 100   spiritual songs of Kaviarasu Kannadasan- 6405   visitors   so far  .

15. http://raja-thatha-corner.bizhat.com/Stories.html  -Contains    very large number of stories , very many new rhymes   suitable to India , information  about   several  great people , translations of slokas for recitation of children

16. http://poetrypoem.com/cgi-bin/index.pl?sitename=ramya475&;item=all -30 poems and poem translations by P.R.Ramachander

17. https://uni5.co/index.php/en/proverbs.html - more than 100  Malayalam proverbs and   several Tamil proverbs  illustrated by stories.

18, http://www.hinduwebsite.com/upanishadindex.asp   -Translations of 23  rare  Upanishads   in to English

     Also  many  of  these  materials   are  also included in


Anonymous said...

This is incredible and indeed invaluable. May God bless us with long life for you Sir, and may your sacred work continue for decades to come. Namaskarams. Kameshwar

Divya Balakrishnan said...

Great compilation thatha. I have lot to read now!!

Unknown said...

Great work Sir, GOD bless you with good health and long life.

umashankar ethirajulu said...

Great work Sir, GOD bless you with good health and long life.