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Chalisas and Aarthis –Hindi prayers

Chalisas  and Aarthis –Hindi prayers


      Prayers  in Hindi  (  mostly in the  local dialects ) are much more popular  than prayers in Sanskrit  in  the entire  Hindi speaking  India. Possibly   this revolution   started  with the huge popularity  achieved  by  Sant Thlasidas , Kabir  , Surdas , who all wrote  in their  dialects . Each  Hindu  there   considers  it  great   to posses  a copy of Ram Charitha Manas and  sing  daily  Hanuman Chalisa   written by SAnt Thulasidas .There   are  three  types  of prayer  modes which are  popular there . The chalisas   are lengthy prayers with forty verses in each of them. The other important group of prayers   are  Aarthis , which are   songs   sung by the  entire family   during  the  lamp worship  in their homes  . The most famous in this group   is the AArthi  -Jai jagadish hare . The third   group  are the Bhajans  which can  be sung  in groups  or individually ,. I am giving below  the  URL s  of translation of  8 Chalisas   and 30  Aarthi songs . Another post  with the list of Bhajans  translated by  me (more than 50)  would be posted   soon.

      I strongly believe   that  our God understands all  our languages  and so praying  him in any language   which you understand  is OK  . This concept  is  much older  in Tamil , where  the Azhvar  pasurams and soulful  prayers  of the great Nayanmars   are popular for the last thousand years , It was adopted  by Malayalam speaking  people  , as soon as they  found their language  . It is popular  in  Karnataka who sing their devar namas ecstasicaly  . Same can be told   about Telugus  where several  devotees  sing  prayers in their  own language, composed by several  devotees  like Bhadrachala Ramdas  , Annamacharya  , THyagayya   and so on.Ofcourse  all of us with great devotion sing    several prayer   gems in Sanskrit.
4.       Santhoshi Mata  Chalisa  -


9.       Aarthi  Annapoorna   devi ki  -
24.   Jai Jagadish  hare –aarthi  -

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