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Exhortation to little children , now and then

Exhortation to little children , now and then

Very little child and very old educated  Indian grandpa   are slaves  to modern gadgets. I am giving  a poem of modern times first , followed by  Mahakavi Bharathi’s  exhortation    to children to  run and play  . I am sure  you will enjoy it  .

1.  New Tab vilayadu papa   song (from face book page of Rajagopal  Srinivasan)

Translated  by

Oh  little  child , you should  play in the on line,
It is  not proper to be  in offline  , Oh little child ,
Oh little child  , play in the phone,
Also please   do not leave  Tab also,
In the morning as  soon as you get up  “face book”
Then afterwards  Status which gives you   relief,
And little  child after  this ,make it a practice  ,
To have  photos   all the entire  evening ,
Mark “like”  and encourage others  little child ,
Write comments and increase  their  unhappiness ,
Oh little child  “Wi-Fi”  is our companion,
And no other  expenses   would come.

2.Odi Vilayadu Paapa then
Maha Kavi Bharathi 
( Translation in English   of a song by  Mahakavi BHarathi   advising the child )
Translated from Tamil

Run , run and play my little one,
You should never sit idle ever,
Play , play together with all, my little child,
You  should never  chide another child.

Like  a  little  sparrow dear,
You should  fly and come , my little one,
Seeing birds of varied colour, my little one,
You should fill your mind with joy.

That hen pecks and hurts, but my little one,
Join with it and play my little one,
That crow extends and steals, my little one,
But you should have pity for it my little one.

That cow rains milk and gives you , my little one,
That Cow is a good one, my little one,
That dog wags its tail and comes, my little one,
He is a good friend of man, my little one.

The horse which draws our cart, my little one,
The cow which works in the rice farm , my little one,
And the goat which lives depending on us, my  little one,
Should be all supported and cared for, my little one.

Study as soon as you get up , my little one,
Then sing songs which make you merciful, my little one,
And play all the evening my little one,
Make these a practice, my little one.

You should never tell a lie my little one,
You should never tell bad about any one , my little one,
God is forever for our help, little one,
And so nothing bad will come to us, my little one.

We should never be afraid, my little one,
Of  bad ,ones who do cruel deeds, my little one,
Dash and trample them , my little one,
And spit at their face, my little one.

When sorrow nears us, my little one,
We should not get helpless , my little one,
There is a very loving God, my little one,
Who will remove all sorrow, my little one.

Laziness is very bad , my little one,
Never disobey your mummy, little one,
The child who cries and wails is lame, my little one,
And so you be brave and fight my little one.

Salute the tamil country, my little one,
Which gave us birth , as our  mother, my little one,
This is sweeter than nectar , my little one,
For this is the land of our forefathers, my little one.

The words of the tamil are greatest , my little one,
And so salute it and learn it my little one,
Our country of India is rich, my little one,
And so sing its praise, my little one.

In the north we have Himalayas , my little one,
And in the south we have cape comarin, my little one,
See broad great sea, my little one,
On its and west , my little one.

Vedas are the asset of this land, my little one,
Many heroes were born in this land, my little one,
This is the great India without any ills, my little one,
And so salute it as our God, my little one.

There are castes in this land, my little child,
Telling one caste is high and another is low,
Is very bad, my little one,
Those who are just, brain and education,
Are those who are great, my little one.

You must love all beings , my little one,
You must know that God is truth , my little one,
You must have a heart as firm as a diamond , my little one,
And this is the way to live, my little one. 

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