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One drop of tear remembering our mothers on Mother’s day

One drop of tear remembering our mothers on Mother’s day

To me greeting others or even our own mother with Happy mother’s day is a meaningless exercise.I feel on that day we have to remember the Goddess who bore us all, whom we call as mother and shed a tear of helplessness to compensate her in any way , because whatever we do would be inadequate.

Mother’s day-Oh my mother


Mother is the god whom you can see ,
She underwent more pain than pleasure to bear you,
She struggled and fought every step of her life to bring you up
When you cry in pain , you shout “Oh mother”,
But when she is in pain , she cries ”Oh son, oh daughter mine”
No words , no action can compensate the sacrifices done by her,
The least we can do in this hum drum of life ,
Which runs more like a machine without feelings ,
Is to say “Oh mother mine , My humble salutations to you”
Daily as soon as you wake up and before you retire to sleep,

I am sure every one of us would forget to do it ,
But at least on this mother’s day , say “Oh mother” and shed a tear drop

Three great poets of our land has described their feelings towards her like this

Adhi shankara

Oh mother mine, Crying thou shouted in pain,
During thine hard labour,
“Oh mother, Oh father, Oh God Shiva, Oh Lord Krishna,
Oh Lord of all Govinda, Oh Hari and Oh God Mukunda,”
But in return, Oh my mother dearest.
All I can give you is my humble prostrations

Maha Kavi Bharathi

Dearest Mother mine,
A humble request have I to you,
Help me to do what I decide,
Help me to think only what is good,
Help me to have a bold heart,
Help me to think clear and good,
And let all the sins that I ever do,
Disappear like the snow before the Sun,
In front of you, mother dearest.

Poet Vali

Would purest of gold , new silver , Manikhya gems and diamond ,
Ever become equal to a mother,
Even if we pay cost and more cost and ask for it in a shop,
Would it be possible to get affection of mother
Oh Mother I know the sufferings that you underwent ,
,For ten months carrying me as foetus,
Even If I take fourteen births and work for your sake,
Would it ever be possible to give back the loan that I took from you ,Because I was born because of you.

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