Monday, May 23, 2016

Some things which I liked in what I read

Some  things  which I liked in what   I read

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(I read this  in  the post of one  of my friends  in the   face book .I thought it is great  and am translating  it in to English so   that  people   who   are  not able to read Tamil can enjoy it.

1,We who search for  bad omens in the sneeze of others, are counting their life span as 100  , 200 etc  in the sneeze of those  who are  dear to us.

(It is believed that a single sneeze is a bad omen  in India)
2.When all the running we do   is  towards   death, we could also walk slowly.

3.When  we stand carefully  thinking that stone thrown  in the gutter   would only  lead  to splashing  of  the dirt , the gutter thinks , it is  its greatness

(Gutter is compared to bad people )

4,The  childless  woman is called   as a barren woman(she who is not a mother), but she     is addressed  by the beggar  as   “Oh mother”

6.It is   peculiar that the human being  who destroys  all nature, terms his own death  as natural.

6.How is it that we believe  that others  would protect a secret told to them by us  , when that secret   could not be  protected  by ourselves.

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