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Prayers to wake up God and telling him “Good Morning”

Prayers   to wake up God   and telling him “Good Morning”


     Suprabathams are   prayers to the God/Goddess   requesting him to wake up.  The most ancient of  a call for wake up of another person occurs  in Valmiki  Ramayana.  King Dasaratha   with lot of reluctance   and with great protest sends his sons Rama and Lakshmana  along with sage Viswamithra .After  a days walk the three of them take rest  in a forest. The sage as is his usual nature   wakes up early  and finds that the sun is rising and  it is time for Lord  Rama   to do his  morning rituals. He then tells:-
Kausalya supraja  Rama, Poorva Sandhya  Pravarthathe ,
Uthishta  Nara  SArdhula  , Karthavyam Deivam   Ahnikam

Oh good   son of Kausalya  , The   early dawn  has   arrived,
Wake up oh tiger  among men  for doing your  morning rituals ordained by God.

    This cannot be considered as Suprabatham  because Sage Viswamithra   does not consider  Rama as God but tiger among men  and this is only  a request   made him  to  Rama  who has been entrusted to him to wake up.
     Several centuries went by. NO one including Veda Vyasa , Adhi Sankara  or the great Sanskrit poets   ever wrote  a prayer to any God to wake up.  It was at this time (around 9th century  AD  ) that  two great works in this genre  came up in Tamil Nadu .  They were written by two great saints , Mahikka Vasgar (Saivite)  and  Thondar Adi podi azhvar (Vaishnavite)  . Both of them wrote it in Tamil   and preferred to call  their works as THiupalliyezhuchi  (Palli is the royal sleep). While Manikka vasagar addressed  it to  Lord Shiva  of THiruperumthurai temple)  THondar adipodi  azhvar  wrote it to wake up  Lord Ranganatha  of Sri Rangam. IN spite of poetic excellence of these  great works  no further  suprabatham was written   by  sages or poets till the 13th  Century . Prathivathi Bhayangaram  Annangaracharyar   , a disciple of the great Vaishnavite saint  Manavala Mamunigal   was requested by his guru   to write a sanskit  prayer  to wake up  Lord Venkidachalapathi  of Thiruppathi. He  adopted the lines used by sage Viswamithra   as  his first two lines , and a bnew form of prayer in Sanskrit took birth.  Though another 7 centuries  have past , even today not many  Suprabatham prayers   exist . Here is a  small collection of 15  Supravathams   which  I could get  to wake up  Gods/Goddesses . The first suprabatham to wake up a goddess  is Kamakshi Suprabatham  written by a disciple of Maha periyavaa.
        Suprabathams  became extremely popular   after the queen of Melody recoded  Venkateswara Suprabatham and released it .Another  very popular  Suprabatham is  of Lord Ayyappa recorded  by Sri K.J.Jesudas  , the Gana Gandharvan . This is only a small collection  .I understand there asre few more suprabathams .I am not able to get their lyrics and as I have become old, just hearing them, I am not able to write them down. If you any of you come across  lyrics  of  any other Suprabathams  do send that  info to me ( and then I would be eternally grateful to you.

1.       Athma Suprabatham- Suprabatham to ourselves -
2.       Ayyappa Suprabatham in Sanskrit -
3.       Ayyappa Suprabatham(Malayalam) I-
4.       Ganesa Suprabatham -
6.       Kamakshi Suprabatham -

10.   Thirupallaiyezhuchi  of Thondar adi podi Azhvar(5th to 9th centuries)  -
11.   Thirupalliyezhuchi  by Manikkavasagar(9th century) -
13.   Venkatesa Suprabatham(13th century) -

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