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Poems on father in Tamil

Poems on father in Tamil

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(I got these pretty collection of  verses from  http://www.tamilkavithaigal.co.in/2015/09/dads-love-poems-appa-kavithaigal.html  They charmed me  .I wanted you  all to enjoy them . I do not know  who wrote it.)

1.Though my achievements ,
Were  appreciated by many,
The only  soul  who appreciates my  problems ,
  Is my father.

2.In my happiness  ,
And in my  sorrows,
The only soul who is my shadow ,
Is my father.

3.I do not have the luck to carry you in my belly,
And so By carrying you in my heart,
I would  demonstrate my affection to you.
“My father”

4.I did not get   what  God gave ,
But I got , God himself  as boon
“My father”

5.Keeping deep  affection  in  mind  ,
But appearing  just like my enemy ,
There is one  relation  ,
“My father “

6.Even a person who  does not have self-control,
Can become  a   father  to a baby ,
But only   a person with great  responsibility ,
Can become “The father”.

7.A god who carries  in his mind,
All the members  of his family ,

8.To remove   the thorns ,
From the path ,
Where  these  baby feet  ,
Are going to walk   is only my work,

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