Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mother – a few verses in Tamil.

Mother – a few verses   in Tamil.

Translated  from Tamil


( Can  a mother or her  love be ever described. The great Sankara has told , “There could be a bad son but never a bad mother.Moving verses  taken from
1.Oh mother ,
I have become your slave,
Where is the  relation ,
Who has   affection,
Towards me , comparable  to you.

2.In this earth  ,
There are thousands of relation ,
In spite of it  , would any of them,
Be equal to relationship with mother.

3,A form without any words ,
A love which can never be measured,
A heart  without selfishness,
A face   which can never show hatred,

4,.Once during a sweet time,
You were  sleeping on my chest,
One side  I was greatly worried,
Whether  my heart beat,
Would wake you up,
Said “The mother.”

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