Saturday, June 18, 2016

Homage to my father on this father’s day

Homage  to my father  on  this father’s day

P.R.Ramachander  - who is an old thatha  himself.

Oh my father , this  son whom you  have made ,
With   eyes   blinded   with flowing tears,
With hands  together  saluting you ,
With  voice   tottering due to emotion  .
Wants   to tell you   that  though  very old  ,
There is not a  single day ,  no, not a moment in my life ,
When I have   stopped  thinking  about you  ,
Loving you  and   holding   you in great reverence ,
For  what  I am  today, is entirely  because  of you .
I am sure   from the heaven where   you are for sure  ,
You would be blessing me and praying to God for me

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