Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father’s day all the way -Happy father’s day 2016

Father’s day  all the way  -Happy father’s day 2016


     Father  is  the pillar  on which children stand  tall to climb up in  this life  and become great . The higher   and higher they climb  , they  seem to forget  that  the pillar   called father  is where  it  was  standing initially  . Due to helping them  all  to  go up in life  , the pillar  gets old and  gets damaged, Unable   to stand straight , that pillar looks up to see  all those  who climbed  on him  and went up. Some times , it sees only the bare   sky as those who went  up in prosperity  because  of it  , do not have  time to come down and hug that pillar. The sad pillar   cracks down   due to ware and tare , sheds  tears and falls down with a thud   on the bare earth , I have   a humble request to all  children whose fathers  are alive   . Come down from wherever   you are , hug  that pillar  tightly  .Wet  and wash  that pillar with your tears   and tell him , “Father  , we would never leave  you , come what may  . We are now   what we   are,   because of you. Not only happy father’s day father. Forever  for all times father  , all  our  times  belong to you.”
Here  is the  English version  of a great Hindi poem  Bringing the  thoughts  of the father to your mind. If you have a father  is   living any where  , do not forget  to   call him  and  tell  him, “Father  ,I love you.”

Hindi  Poem translated by  P.R.Ramachander

When  my mother was chiding  me,
Some one    was  silently    smiling ,
He was my father

When I was  sleeping  ,
Some  one was silently  ,
Waving his hands   over me ,
He was my father

When  I got up in the morning  ,
Some one though   greatly tired,
Was going to attend to his work,
He was my father

He  who himself was standing  in the  sun,
Was making  me sleep in the Air conditioned room,
He was my father

The dreams ofcourse were mine  ,
But some one else   showed me ,
The way to fulfill those dreams ,
He was my father

I used   to laugh when I was happy,
But someone  else seeing me laugh,
Forgot his suffering   and was laughing
He was my father

He was in more need to   eat a fruit  ,
But some one was making me  eat an apple,
He was my father

I should have   become happy ,
Because  I got him  ,
But someone else  celebrated  my birth,
He was my father

This world  was moving    due to money,
But someone  else  was  earning money ,
For the sake of myself ,
That was my father

Many people  in my home,
Were showing their love   to me  ,
But some one without   showing it,
Was greatly loving  me,
That was my father

The tree cannot eat its own fruit  ,
And was giving it to all of us,
But some one  kept  his belly empty,
So that  my  belly   was kept full,
That  was my father.

I was greatly sad to  go away,
From home  for the sake of a job,
But some  one shed  more tears ,
Than me  because  of my going away  ,
That was  my father

I do not know   whether ,
I fulfilled   the duties  of  the word “ son” ,
But some one   made meaningful,
The word “father “  all the way ,
That was my father


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