Thursday, June 30, 2016

My own declaration

     My own declaration        

 Many  of my  friends have  recently  made a declaration  about several   aspects . I too   would  like to make my own declaration.

            For the past 16 years  all my contribution is aimed   at a future  generation Hindu youth   who may not know how to read or write Sanskrit   or their mother  toungue  .These young people   would  be very intelligent and curious .They would not   accept anything   without  understanding  their  meaning   and implication.  For these people I have been   translating  multitude of  Hindu literature  in English and also typing  it in English.I want this  message  to spread .I do not want any copy right  for these contributions. If you   want to copy it  and put it any where  else  well and good , as my aim   would  be achieved  faster.I  would request God to bless   you for that. I   am not interested  in being recognized   or getting  fame  .

           May God  bless you all  


sriniv_h said...

Awesome work.

krishna said...

very good job sir

Manohar Padmanabhan said...

A great selfless noble work sir