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Shri ManikanTeshwara Swami Temple - Thirumalpur

Shri ManikanTeshwara Swami Temple - Thirumalpur

Elango Kadhirvel

* Thirumalpur Shri ManikanTeshwara Swami Temple is near Kanchipuram in Nemili Taluk, Vellore District of Tamil Nadu
* This temple is about 85 kilometres from Chennai

Presiding Deities
* Lord Shiva as Sri ManikanTeshwara Swami
* Goddess Parvathi as Goddess Anjanakshi
* Lord Ganesha as Dasha-bhuja Vallabha Vinayakar (10 Handed Lord Vinayaka)

* This Shiva temple has a unique feature where one can have the Darshan of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu simultaneously
o Inside the sanctum-sanctorum, we find Lord Vishnu standing exactly opposite to Lord Shiva and offering His Prayer with folded hands
* Though a Shiva temple, as Lord Vishnu worshipped here, Garuda Seva is celebrated during the Brahmmotsavam festival

* The temple is believed to be around 1500 years old
o There are inscriptions seen in the temple that date to the period of the Chola King, Sri Rajaraja Chola I

* “Hari-Chakrapuram”
o Kuban, a king, ruled this place and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu
o Sage Thutheesee lived here
* The king hated the sage for some reason
o King Kuban prayed to Lord Vishnu to kill the sage
* Lord Vishnu (in haste) used his Sudharsana Chakram at the Sage
* Instead of hurting the Sage, the Sudharsana Chakram got slightly damaged
* Lord Vishnu Instantly Realise His mistake and repented
o Lord Vishnu offered prayers towards Lord Shiva here
* Every day He Used, 1000 lotus flowers for His Prayer/Puja to Lord Shiva
* Likewise, one day while doing the puja, He could find only 999 flowers
* So, HE plucked one of His beautiful eyes and dedicated those as the thousandth Lotus to Lord Shiva
o Immediately Lord Shiva Appeared before Him and Restored His Eye saying that - as You offered Your eye for a lotus flower, you will have the eye with lotus beauty and you will be known as “”Padmaakshan”/“Senthamaraik-Kannan” (Having an Eye equivalent to a red Lotus flower)
o Lord Shiva Also Gave the Sudharsana Chakra to Lord Vishnu with Its restored glory
* Since Lord Vishnu (Thirumaal) got back His Sudharsana Chakra, this Sthala is called as "HariChakrapuram"
o And since, Lord Vishnu/Thirumaal got “Peru” (means, Honour by Worshipping Lord Shiva and Regaining His Sudharsana Chakra), the place is called “ThiruMaar-Peru”
o Pleased by Lord Vishnu puja with a 1000 Lotuses - Lord Shiva said that those who chanted HIS (Lord Vishnu’s) 1000 names or even a few of them would be blessed with salvation
o Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva that the benefit of praying in many temples should be granted to the devotees who pray here at the Temple
* Lord Shiva assured the boon to Lord Vishnu
o Lord Vishnu (as the Uthsava Murthy) is found in standing posture and has an eye on one hand and lotus flower on the other hand

* Lord Nandhi in the form of statue with a monkey face (picture attached) - Adikaara Nandhi idol (Nandhi in the standing posture)
o Once Ravana came to this temple to pray to Lord Shiva
o While entering the temple Nandhi advised him saying Lord is taking rest, requested him to visit after some time
o Nandhi and Ravana had a quarrel once when the latter insulted Nandhi
o Enraged by the insult, Nandi cursed Ravana that his destruction will be accelerated by an army of monkeys
o This curse later supported Lord Rama to slay Ravana with Lord Hanuman

* Moola Linga in Sand
o The presiding deity – The Moola Linga is made of sand by Goddess Parvathi on the banks of Virudaseera River
o To avoid dissolution of the sand Linga during Abisheka, it is covered by a copper pot

* As Lord Vishnu got back His Sudharsana Chakra in this temple, it is believed that devotees who pray here would have no threats, whatsoever!

Quotes/Hymns – Tamil Hymn Sung by Saint Poet Thiru-Gnana-Sambandar of the 7th Century
சால மா மலர் கொண்டு சரண்! என்று, மேலையார்கள் விரும்புவர் மாலினார் வழிபாடு-செய் மாற்பேற்று நீலம் ஆர் கண்ட! - நின்னையே!

Transliterated Text
saala maa malar koNdu saraN! endru,
MelaiyaarkaL virunpuvar
Maalinaar vazhipaadu-sei maaR-PeTRu
Neelam aar kaNda! – Ninaiye!

O! Lord Shiva! At Maar-Peru (“ThiruMaar-Peru”/Thirumalpur)!
Where Lord Vishnu Worshipped You!
Your Throat is Blue (Neelam) by a Hala Hala!
Devotees seek refuge in You, offering flowers!


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