Saturday, July 1, 2017

Blaming yourself for all failures is bad., learn from them

Blaming   yourself  for all failures  is bad., learn from them


(Based on the tamil  post by my friend  Hamsabai  Santhanakrishnan .Thanks   to her)

What has  been lost is lost , What has happened   has happened,
Think of  what should be done and not    what has happened,
Be happy  thinking that , Only this much  has been lost , this can always be bought,
What is broken can be replaced and if you miss  a bus next one  would come,
Oh only   some money has been lost , you have sufficient    energy to earn it back.

People  would talk  about others like  that only,   for they get happiness by it,
Do not bother   about all that, you can only be happy by disregarding it
These    are all useless and idiotic matters which are  not worth  worrying,
True not worrying is difficult but you would  be crushed   if you worry.

You have suffered a   loss but you can always get a profit  in some other job,
If I lose hear   can I not gain somewhere   else, Suppose you fall , wont you  get up,
If You fall    and  if you keep  on lying down there  , where   would it lead you,
Get up, dust your cloths   , smile and say “I fell , so what? This is not the end.”

If this  fellow does not do it  , are  there  no fellows  other   than him?
Suppose   this path  is blocked, are there  no paths  other than this,
Ok  you are not able to do it, so what  , try again , try again till  you succeed,
Do not ever   think “Is it possible?” , think  “It  is  always  possible “

You did not get  what you wanted, Wait  you may get things  which are better,
Do not think , “Oh that  chap   could not do it” , you are different and you will do it,
Do not unnecessarily  talk or Gossip , You have   hundreds of things   to do,
Do not keep on talking  about the same thing, It is a story   that   has ended.

Do  not keep on thinking,    for it   would only confuse  you, start doing,
Ok This man is  dishonest, it would only mean  we have to be more careful,
Who has not been disappointed  or beaten  in the  game   by others,
Have you seen any one like that not succeeding   forever  in this world?

There are  thousand problems  in the world , Is it not OK if you solve your problem,
Does   any one lead  life without problems, ignore problems, march towards  what you want,
Can every one always win? Suppose  we get defeated  , is it  a big mistake,
Does victory need you to defeat others, If you grow  , is it not victory?

Sleeping when you should act  is bad , but if  from now on you are awake and work, it is OK,
Falling down is   not bad  but continuing   always  to fall   has to be avoided,
Get up with vigour , show    the world that   you  have  not fallen down,
And you  propose to reach unknown heights  , just by your effort.

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