Friday, July 21, 2017

Try to catch God’s blessings

Try to catch  God’s blessings


(Based i on a story   told by Sri Sukhi Sivam which I got from Whatsapp. My acknowledgements to   that great scholar)

It was a village deep in South india,
Where in people walked  one  mile,
To the river   to bring a pot of water,
And one day  the  skies  opened up,
And there was a heavey downpour of rain,
And the grandma   called her  grand daughter,
And said “Please keep  the big vessel  in the rain,
So that   we can get  lots and lots of water.”
But  the little one was reluctant   and when chided,
Dragged  a big vessel    and kept it in the rain ,
And  after the rain  , with great expectations  ,
Of lots and lots of water , the grandma ,
Went outside , only to see  that ,
The vessel was closed   with a lid,
And  there was not even a   single  drop of water saved

God  showers   his blessings    like a torrential  rain,
With   an open mind  , you could catch it all ,
But with a closed  mind , you would not get even a drop,

And so when you lack God’s blessings , blame yourselves and not God

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