Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mother in old age home , wants her son to be happy!

Mother in old age home , wants her son to be happy!


(I had read this  story long back   but was reminded about it  be the  facebook post of my friend Mohan Krishnaswamy. Thanks to him)  

There  was  small family  in  our country,
Consisting of father, mother  and son.
The son married   a girl he liked and brought home,
Unfortunately   the father   did not live long and died.

Because   the son  and his   were  employed  and had a son,
And they found  that  is  difficult to look after  their old mother,
And   put her in an old age  home  which was not very costly,
And every monththe son used   to visit his mother, for looking after  her.

One day   the old age   home people   sent word to the son   ,
That   his  mother   is in her death bed and wanted to meet him.
The son dutifully   went  to meet   his mother   and he asked  her,
“Can I do something   at this   stage   to make   you happy?”

She replied” There  are  no fans  in this  home and for several nights,
I had not been able to sleep due  to Mosquito  bites,
And most of the   days they used  to give spoiled food , which was difficult to  eat,
Would you be able to  give them fans in each room and a refrigerator?”

The son was wonderstuck  and asked  her ,”Ma , why this request,
At this time  , when they both   would not be helpful to you?”
Mother replied “I got accustomed  to mosquito bytes  and spoiled food,
But i  wanted you , when sent by  your son here, not to suffer like me.”

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