Saturday, July 22, 2017

Negative images  of  Indian daughter  in law? (Pardon   for sheer  exaggeration), which I do not agree at all 


Most of the  inlaws  of a girl   think all their problems including  their   sickness, dementia   or being put  in an  old age  home  is squarely  due to the daughter  in law . I always  thought   that  it was an old women’s tale   and such   things  have disappeared  and I happened to read an article by scholarly  face book friend  Jabalimuni Putrevu  based on  the writing of one  Dr.Hemant Mittal (social influencer and Motivational writer) .Do such circumstances  hinted below exist   for modern daughter in laws ? Though I have listed  a few based i on the above article , I some how feel  it does not exist nowadays . Exagerration no doubt , I am sure  it would shake  the erring in laws (micro percentage)

1,Daughter  in laws   are  outsiders,
So discuss  nothing in front of them,
Daughter  in laws are thieves ,
Who have   stolen our son.

2.Daughter in law  does not know ,
About   the needs   of our home ,
And she needs to get adjusted  to ,
Our home,. Its  people   and their needs.

3. Our son  might have   been a  useless  drunkard,
Who specialises  in loving  one lady after  another,
But   we have  brought  a daughter  in law  to correct him,
And  if he is not able to do that , it is her fault not our sons.

4.Daughter in laws are   our slaves,
Who should   cater   to our monetary needs,
Both by   doing all our jobs    as also ,
By handing over to us   all that   she earns

5.Daughter  in law   can and should  cook in our house ,
But the recipes   she uses   should not be that  of her home,
But  that  of our home , taught to her  in a shoddy way,
And if it is not Okay , we can and will  shout   against her.

6.Daughter  in laws  parents   are outsiders,
They can visit us   but with ample presents,
But  after   wedding  it is not the responsibility,
Of Daughter in law  to help them or   spend for them.

7.However   efficient and gracious   she is,
And even if daughter in law   serves us well,
She  can never   become our    daughter,
Who is an angel   who has all rights in  our home.

8.If Daughter in law   does not present us ,
With a baby within one or two years after  marriage ,
It is entirely   her fault   and never can be fault  of our son,

And we   have the right to talk about it behind her  as well as in her front,

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