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Krishna teaches philosophy of pride destruction

Krishna   teaches  philosophy  of pride  destruction


(Based on Tamil post of Sri Guru Murthi  .My  pranams and thanks to whoever has written it .If only we all learn and practice it.....)

Lord Krishna   was trying to take a  nap one day,
And Garuda  his steed,   and Chakra  his weapon  .
Were  guarding him  and all   his    very  pretty  wives,
Were   standing all around   him and gossiping.

Lord Garuda said, “But for me  Lord Krishna,
Cannot achieve   anything at all , Had I not been there,
How he would have   reached to help  the  elephant,
Whch was  caught   by a   crocodile.”

Lord Chakra   could not stifle  his laughter  and told,
“True , Garuda but  had I not    been there ,
He would have reached that place  because of yu,
And would  bestanding   there , not able to do anything.”

Within himself  Lord Krishna  smiled    and thought ,
“Both of them forget about  my greatness and think,
That they are   the people  who are powerful ,
Had They been like Hanuman, who lacked  pride but had humility.

Then Lord Krishna’s   attention was diverted    to his women,
Who were chattering    and gossiping  as all woman do ,
One of them told  that  the lord   married her  due to g her beauty,
And each of them shouted at her    they  were more pretty   and lord loved thrm more.

Lord Krishna   felt so bad because  they were proud of their beauty,
Though none of them had     a pretty soul; and mind like  Radha or Sita,
And so he summoned Garuda   and he reached  there with great speed,
And lord  told him,” I want you do    a very difficult  job for me.”

Garuda with pride said, nothing was   difficult for  him and lord said,
In the lake of Khubera   on the top of the Gandhamadhana  mountain,
There is a rare   lotus floer called  “Saugandhika Kamala “ and if you,
Bring them, I can present it to  my wives     and make them drown in joy.

Garuda rushed with all the speed  and reached     the lake and saw,
Than Hanuman the personification of humility    was meditating there,
And when Garuda    was about to  pluck the flowers  , he opened  his eyes and told,
“The flowers belong to Khubera    and have you taken gis permission to pluck them?”

Garuda said he was  the most powerful  being  of the world and he was sent by Krishna,
And so he need not take   any one’s  permission and hanuman simply caught the bird  ,
And kept him in his arm pit   and reached Dwaraka And asked “who is Krishna,
Who has sent this proud bird  who was stealing the  divine flowers?” and roared.

Lord Krishna acted    as if he was scared   and ordered  the proud Sudarshana wheel,
To teach  the  monkey a lesson  and when wheel went   to fight   with Hanuman,
He caught him and kept him on    his other  arm pitand this made   the queens of Krishna,
Greatly scared   and   they wanted  their Lord   to some how send the fierce  monkey back.

Lord Krishna  told them “That monkey is Hanuman, the devotee of Rama,
And no one can defeat him   and the only way  for us is to make  Lord Rama,
And Sita to tell him to go    and i would just now    transform myself to Rama ,
And the one who has most beautiful in mind and body   can  transform to  bre Sita”

Lord Krishna requested each of them to pray to become    Sita  if they are pretty,
But none of them could transform herself and at this time Radha  came there,
And by  praying that she is nothing  and Krishna is everything    , she became Sita   
And when  Hanuman saw  Sita and Rama,he saluted them, released Garuda  and Sudarshana and went back.

Garuda   as well as Sudarshana  became humble    realizing    that  ,
All their powers    were   derived    from Lord Krishna and they went back,
And all the queens realized that   to be pretty   mind should be  pretty,
And be devoid of pride and saluted Radha  as well as  Krishna.

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