Sunday, July 30, 2017

I hit one more million .

I hit  one more million .


I hope you know that  I maintain     blogs   since 2008.I informed all of you that my Stotra Rathna   website  was visied bt i one million   visitiors  some time back .Today  God had sent the millionth   visitor   to my blog on  “Rules and rituals  of Brahmins” .This blog was stated by me in the year 2010  with the  english translation  of “SAmkhepa Dharma Sastra”,I told you a few days back   that  70000 thousand have visited   this translation.. The other important aspects attracting visitors to my blog were  Amavasi Tharpana  SAnkapms  (1,5 lakhs) , Upakarma  manthras (2 lakhs)  , Sradha vidhi (1.5 lakhs)
   When I started   the blog , I never expected  that   this blog   could attract  about a Lakh of people every year. I would like to thank God , that  he made me  capable of serving a million  Brahmins  in a short span of  7 years.
   Some of my other blogs are  :-

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