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No chemistry in my new wife but over time she had everything

No chemistry in  my  new  wife but  over time  she had everything


(This is entirely based on the posting in Tamil of Dinakar Raj . He has mentioned that  he read it somewhere   and liked it. Thanks    to him as well as   the original author)

Like   every   unmarried lad   , I was full of dreams,
AS soon    as  my engagement  ceremony  was celebrated
About  the joy  and companionship that I would get ,
And  these dreams were not only  when I was sleeping but all  the time

I  searched  my collection   of novels  in many languages,
For books with explicit  and implicit   themes, so that,
I can give them   to  her   after  our  picnic to heaven,
I also dusted and polished  all my trophies  got  for cricket .

I visited several    musical sites   and down loaded  ,
Several  great  romantic   songs   of Kannadasan,
Several   heart throbbing    songs  of Mohammad Rafi,
Whose  tunes   were   set  by all time greats in music direction.

I searched   and located   my chess   as well as carom board,
So that , we can play them with each other in our sweet home,
I also consulted  a poet  and wrote several pretty love poems ,
And after   all these  preparations  , one day   we got married.

After   a few days  of  pure joy  spoiled  with   chit chat,
With the unending    stream of visitors, the time came  for us ,
To understand each other ,and I opened  my biundle  of romantic novels ,
And she  asked me  what to do with them for she never   read.

I thought   that   she would be interested  in seeing my sport laurels,
And she told me   that  she has never  played   any game in life ,
But I was sure  my romantic would make her like wax,
And she closed  her ears and told ,I do not hear  such vulgar   songs.

I was terribly disappointed  and I had no other  option,
Except   blaming myself   as I understood she  was very short tempered ,
And I went to the temple   when no one else   was there,
And shouted at the God   for giving me   as such an unsuitable   wife.

I knew   that  the cart of family life    had to be pulled  by two animals,
But in this case I knew , I have to load her  in  the cart and pull  the cart alone.
I   spent  all the time   asking her   to prepare  several dishes  I liked,
And inspite of her temper  ,  shouted at her that my moms cooking was great

When the cart of life   was tottering like this  she   became in the   family way,
And my entire home jumped with joy   and   spent all their time  in making her happy,
And I too asked   as a matter  of duty   what she liked   and with a smile   she replied,
“All these  days you were  only telling   your wants and your likes, Why  this change now?’

I felt very guilty  and  asked her pardon and after  a few more   days ,
Our  little   darling daughter was born after normal  delivery   and I suddenly   saw a new  a wife in front of me,
She was so patient  and went on serving  , fondling and nurturing    the new child ,
And she  also  looked    after   all my wants  , and I started  having great  respect for her.

After  a few more years   we had a  second baby   and  he came out through a caesarean,
And She was   in Icu   in the hospital after   the delivery and I could realize   her suffering,
And I decided   that  I Would   obey her   and fulfil her wishes  , come    what may,
And I felt   I was  not   at all repaying  her  sufficiently   by   being subservient   to her
 My  wife was a great  housewife   , managing two babies  , managing  me,
Managing all the jobs   of the home and  I for first time saw  her super form,
And I also felt that  the cart of the family   was being  pulled by her  alone,
And I was sitting   in that   cart  like a  king   and ordering her   day in and day out.

During   the first   year  after  our marriage  I thought   that,
There  was  no proper  chemistry   between us   and today,
I am feeling  there is mathematics, physics , chemistry  ,
AS well   as   all elements of biology   in the life   that we led.

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