Friday, July 14, 2017

Sparrow and bag of emotions

Sparrow and bag  of emotions


(I have taken this idea    from a Whatsapp posting  and  for gaining  fame and name  , they have omitted  the  name of the author. My thanks are   due to the original unknown author )

In one city there   was a  sprightly  sparrow,
And it got bored   and approached   the god ,
And asked him, “I have  nothing much to do,
So please  suggest me a hobby so that I am happy

God said, “I have allotted   each of you sufficient work,
And so taking   another   hobby   will make   you suffer”
But when it insisted  afgain and again , God tied  a bag ,
To it back  and told it to collect   human emotions  in that bag.”

The sparrow was very happy   and whenever it saw  any person,
Who is emotional, It collected that  and put it in that  bag.
It collected passion, anger  , jealousy  , cruelty, Pride ,
Joy, sorrow, bias , Partiality  , avarice and so on and on.

When it saw  one man become jealous   and trying  to,
Bring another person down, It would be happy  to collect that,
When it saw  a  person become angry , the sparrow   rushed there,
With  great joy and collected it and this hobby  made  him very active.

But one day  , When it got up  in the morning, It  found  it,
Very difficult  to fly and it called  “Oh God, Oh God,
I am not able   to fly, please   do help me   and god rushed there,
And told the sparrow, That bag of yours  is very heavy.”

God continued  , “ throw away all the emotions  that ,
You have collected  and then fly   and be very happy  .”
The sparrow could not agree   with God   and told him,
“Emotions are light and I do not think , things will improve.”

God said, “My dear  little friend , try.”  And sparrow let  off,
One jealousy  and one anger   from its bag    and it could feel,
That  it could fly   and so it emptied completly  its hobby bag.
And started   flying  on its own with great speed.

God said, “Your hobby is good but  all that  you have collected,
Are  negative emotions   which are   bound   to pull you down,
And so never go anywhere  near  these  bad emotions,
But only collect  good emotions like joy , truth, sincerity  and so on.”

God continued, “ you would have struggle very to collect   them,
But even sack full of emotions     will never , ever pull you down.
Right from the days of my first creation , I used to tell men about it,
But they were only after  heavy negative emotions  and keep on suffering.”

God concluded “ If only  once in a while   they empty   the bag like you.... ....”

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