Saturday, July 8, 2017

Who follows whom is important

Who follows   whom is important


(Based of on a tamil message in Whatsapp .I am sure it must be available in the web. My acknowledgements to original author)

One teacher   was trying   to teach arithmetic  to students,
And in the class   one student   was neither  listening nor attending to the class,
The teacher   then  called the student by name  ,
And told him that he wanted to know what he has understood.

Then the teacher on the board    wrote  1000,
And asked the student   to tell the class , what it is,
That student   without care  told , one thousand,
The teacher   then added a 0 at the  end and made it 10000,
And asked the student   what it was ?what is it now,and the student  told , “Ten thousand”
And then the teacher rubbed of   the 0 which he added at the end,
And added it    at the  beginning  and made it 01000,
And again asked   the student  , what it was then, and the student said,
“It is only  one thousand sir, by adding 0  you have not  got anything.”

The teacher   then told  the students ,”When a good for nothing,
Follows a thing of value, its value suddeny increases,
And if a  good for nothing leads a thing of value,

The valuable as well as good for nothing  remain the same”

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