Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Golden sayings from Bharatha Varsha

Golden  sayings from Bharatha  Varsha

Translated  by

(The author in Tamil   claimed  that it was from Bhagawad  Geetha. Having read Geetha  several times, I have my own doubts .But they are  indeed golden.)

1.The world likes a person who does not talk  too much,
It respects   a person who talks  based on only need,
It salutes  the person who is  always  busy with action,

2.Spend all that you have learned and earned,
For  others   till  you depart to the place of God,

3.If we  need   to  understand   those  who are with us,
WE have to first  understand  ourselves.

4.When a person looses confidence  in himself,
He starts  acting against   dharma  in his life

5.The  person who feels  that life is a waste ,
Expects  danger   in every opportunity
And the  one who achieves  looks   for  ,
The oppurtunities in every danger

6.If there  is no sensation called  joy,
Life would become an unbearable  burden

7.Life is a   very  peculiar  university ,
Where there are no tests after lessons are taught,
But  lessons are taught  after  keeping a test.

8, Miserliness is not spending less money,
But  it is how usefully   one  spends  it.

9.What    we  have not lost is not important,
But  what is remaining   with us is.

10.Great achievements  do not depend,
On your strength  but our steadfast efforts

11.Be kind  when you   go forward ,  for if,
Perchance   you  are forced  to go back , others will help you

12 To the  one who tells    the secrets and ,
To the one who does not tell his sorrow , there  would not be peace,

13.Believing  every body  is dangerous,
Moore dangerous is not believing  in any body

14.Every sorrow    has    two cures ,
One  is time another  is silence.

15.Everybody instead  of reforming themselves,
Try   to reform   every body else

16.There is no use  in attempt without desire,
Neither  is there a  use  in desire  without any attempt

17. God will never  help a person,
Who does  not make an attempt.

18,More than peace after  fight,
Peace   without fight   is any time better.

19, Yesterday   was never  real,
Tomorrow also may not  be real,
Only today  is realty in our hands

20.All the   time   that you have
Wasted Joyously    is   not  a waste.

21,Without knowing any thing  of the past ,
You would not be able to  make   anything new

22. The habit of reading is very tasty,
And is  very pretty hunger and ,
Once   you start   tasting it,
It would  keep on following you.

23. You may possibly not get  what you want,
But you would definitely get  what is fated  to you

24.Knowledge   is the  only cure of fear,
And so by increasing knowkedge  you can get rid of  all fear.

25.Avoiding   all    actions  fearing,
That   you may  err  is extremely bad.

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