Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reason for outbursts and need for depositing love.

Reason for outbursts and need for  depositing love.


(Some one  send me a Malayalam video .The  video   with the background  of tender emotional bond between   husband and wife , tries  to  explore in a wonderful fashion  , the reason  for  mutual angry outbursts   and the need  to deposit love  with every one around, I have tried  to summarise what has been told so that   the non Malayalis   can understand  what is happening.
   I do not know the maker of this video.My humble pranams to him. If you know  the author , do inform  me, so that I can acknowledge to him or her )

If you knock on an empty vessel, you would hear  a shattering  loud  sound,
Fill it up with   any material , and knock it , you would hear only a muted sound,
Similarly   if the  mind  of husband and wife   are  filled   with tender emotions,
Like love , affection, mercy , kindness  and so on , no angry tones  would  come out  from them.
So  if you are  a person  who hears  shattering  angry retorts   from your partner,
It would mean that you have  not filled  up you partners mind well.

All of us know   that  we can withdraw only   what  we have deposited ,
From the bank account , sometimes  perhaps   with added interest,
Similarly  if you had deposited   ten kg of love   in your partner’s heart,
You can always   expect   to get back  that ten kg   with some interest,

Suppose  a  person   feels extremely unhappy   that  none of his family ,
Are    supporting   or loves  him back  and his life  is miserable  ,
Find out  from that person , please   find out   from him  ,
The deposits  of tender  emotions  in each and every one  of those ,
And if he  takes time to answer, it would mean   the deposit is weak,

And then please advice him that happiness comes out of  strength of what he gave them.

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