Sunday, January 7, 2018

Search of God

Search  of God


(Idea   borrowed from Kumudam BHakthi)

One day  a person who was  in search of God  ,
Went   to a great  Guru  and requested   him,
To help him find  God and that Guru   told him,
“God is everywhere and there is no need  to search him.”

When the person said, that  he was  not able   to see,
God anywhere , the Guru sent him  to Gangothri   and told him,
“That is the place where  river Ganga   originates ,
And in that  of Ganga , you would find   a floating fish”

“And   that  floating fish  could possibly help you”
And the person reached  Gangothri   and found that g floating fish,
And asked  “I would  like to find   God  and my Guru told ,
That  you would help me “. But the fish said “I am very thirsty”

That person laughed, “You  are in water still you   are thirsty”
And the fish told , “You are  surrounded  by God  but still search for him”
And then that  person old ., “Please do not float   but change your direction”
And the fish laughed “If you  turn the direction of your love to God , you will see him.”

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