Monday, January 1, 2018

Bargain with poor and tip the rich

Bargain with poor  and tip the rich


One lady   saw an old man  struggling ,
With a push cart  and trying   to sell,
Some plantain   fruits  on the road,
And she asked  him” what is the price?”

Struggling   to even speak  properly  ,
He told, “Five rupees  each Madam”
And she told him, “I will take six,
Would you give  it for twenty .”

That old grandpa   did  feel bad,
And the lady  was greatly happy
Because  she had struck  a  great bargain,
Not realizing  that  the grandpa   was sad

That  evening the same   lady  ,
Along with her friend   went to a great restaurant,
Ordered two cups  of coffee  ,
Normally costing twenty  any where in that town.

They talked   for some time   and when the bill,
Came it was  two hundred  rupees ,
And they both said  , “Oh  how  cheap”
And paid  that two hundred and also twenty in tips.

Where  is the millionire  owner of the hotel,
Where  is the rich server  who both   thought ,
That  they were  both  cheap  ladies and where is,

The struggling poor old man.

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