Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Take care of that old person who is a baby

Take care  of that old person who is a baby


(Based on a   write up of Jayaraman Venkatraman Dindigul.Thanks to him)

Old age  is definitely  the return  of infancy .
It makes you tell   the same thing again and again,
It would make  you talk a lot  and also  sometimes,
Make   you keep silent  and be adamant  about it

It would make   one  like   or even dislike  food,
Make one tell  a lie that he is  sick   some times  ,
And some times   make   one hide his sickness,
And  it would make   one  needlessly angry and sad.

Look after these   very old babies   with great  care,
Talk to them of old stories,  give them  what they like ,
Make them feel that  as long   as you are   there ,
There is no need to  worry at all  for anything

Never   tell bad   about them with  any one else,
Never leave them   for it  is through   them,
That you have come   and once  upon a time, they   did,
Take care  of  you this   way when you  were a  baby”.

If not today   once after   some more  time,
You, yourself    would  again become  a baby
And when you are skowly  transforming in to ne ,
You will  feel extremely sad  that  you did not help ,
That  elder   who was a  baby  and did not realise it

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