Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Allegory story of Samudhra Madhana

Allegory  story  of  Samudhra  Madhana

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(I read this great interpretation in a whatsapp  message   in Malayalam.AS usual   whoever posted it  is an asura  who copied and pasted great writing by   a great man but  omitted his name. I humbly thank the original author  of this piece  of writing . May God bless him.)

When the children troubled   for a story  in the  park, mother  told them,
“For removing the curse of Devas , the ocean of milk   was churned ,
Using a mountain to churn it , a serpent   was used as a rope and ,
It was pulled  on one side by the devas   and another by the devas,
When the mountain   drowned in the sea  ,Vishnu became a tortoise,
Lifted it up and gave  it stability and then  from the   ocean came  out, Jyeshta devi ,
Goddess Lakshmi , A horse, a cow  and at last  Amrutha  the nectar.”

Her  youngest   son shouted   after   she completed   the story,
“Sheer nonsense   in unbelievable,  how can there be ocean of milk,
How can a mountain  be used to churn , how can a tortoise lift it ,
Who can catch a  snake and how can ladies  and animals   come out of the ocean?’
When all the   children joined him , an old man  sitting near  by  told them,
“Looks like  , you are right , but  let me   try to   explain it,”

“All stories like  this great  story   have  an inner meaning  ,
Which is not that clear  and I would try to explain   this story.”
The  children were happy  and became   calm and said ,”Please uncle”
He said, ‘our mind which is always not at rest  is the ocean of milk,
And the what the poet  said by churning  is “Trying to find out ,
BY churning the mind  which has  lots and lots  of knowledge.”

“ The mountain  is the huge wisdom   that  is available  to us  ,
The snake  is our sensations like passion, anger  , avarice etc.
Devas are  good thoughts  and asuras  are  bad thoughts ,
Which   keep  on pulling our sensations to and fro,”
The children said  , “What you  say seems to be okay  ,
But what is this mountain drowning  and tortoise lifting it?”

Uncle continued, “  I told  that our   wisdom is the mind,
And when it is pulled to and fro by good  and bad,
Wisdom would sink , and to lift it   up   ,
Our conscience should   wake  up  and,
The tortoise  is indeed our conscience ,
Which can pull  inside  all our   actions ,
So that  our   wisdom   becomes  more stable.”

“So When our mind  is churned by   wisdom,
And our  senses  are completely   with drawn,
Good and bad thought   within the  mind would come out ,
Jyesta devi is good, Lakshmi devi , which is desire for wealth represent that
And  further when we churn it   we get speed (horse),
Strength(Elephant), , Peace   as represented  by the cow,
Power to get anything (Karpaka)  and if we continue,
WE would get   the ultimate  all  realising divine knowledge  called Amrutha “

“And I am sure once you get that divine knowledge  , you would never age”

And that uncle told, “Children do you  agree  that  the story  is not a myth.”

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