Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Do not meddle in other’s affairs

Do not  meddle  in other’s affairs


(Based on a post in face book by Ms Seetha Narayanan. My Thanks are  to her)

Once a   saint   saw  a  centipede,
Which was   crawling   with great  speed,
And he asked “Why this great   hurry?’
And it replied ‘”The cart  is coming  with great speed,
And I thought   it would  crush me  to death.”

Jeeringly    the sage laughed    and told ,
“What   would be lost to the world if you die  ?
And then centipede   told    that   great sage,
“Oh saint    are you  jealous   of me?”

“God has made   me in such a way that  I need not,
Do any ritual   whatsoever  nor do I   have  ,
Any family responsibilities   like   you people,
And you are  fool not even to  know that.”,

The saint  realised   that  it was  none of his business ,
To watch the centipede’s movement   and ask  it ,
The reason for it and he realised   that  by his needless,

Curiosity  and meddling even an insect  insulted  him

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